Vincent Belorgey makes music, but he's better known as Kavinsky when he's working the turntables. Fans of this particular brand of French house music (and those that just like cool art) can get their fill with the new Kavinsky game for Android. This is a stylistic interactive experience based on Kavinsky's new album Outrun.

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The game has a little bit of everything. There's 2.5D fighting, driving, and augmented reality bonus games. The gameplay is a bit simplistic, but you're not playing it for that – this game has style coming out the wingwang. The graphics are a fusion of 16-bit blockiness with cel shaded textures. It's an example of retro done right. I can also confirm there is at least one retro-themed boob in this game. We have opted not to post that screenshot, but you can go have a look if you're into that sort of thing.

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Of course, Kavinsky for Android includes a soundtrack composed by Kavinsky himself. This music is designed to tell a story, so it's a perfect fit for a game tie-in. There is a link to buy the album, but it links you to iTunes rather than Google Play. The game itself is completely free.

Developer: Record Makers
Price: Free