Version 3.4 of Facebook is currently rolling out, introducing features that were previously only available in the beta version. New features include the ability to share News Feed stories with friends via a private message and the ability to store the app on a MicroSD card, freeing up precious space. Facebook Home has also received some tender loving care. While the app hasn't been expanded to any additional models, current users can now create folders by dragging on app on top of another.


Facebook app:
• Share News Feed stories in a private message
• Swipe left and right to open chat and bookmarks
• Based on feedback, you can now store the app on your phone's SD card (Android 2.3.7 and lower)
• Fix for a bug with data transfer on app start
Facebook Home:
• Organize your apps with folders—just drag one app onto another to create a folder

Facebook users can still sign up to test out future beta versions of the app and get access to new features before they roll out to the rest of us. Those who do will be the first to know when Facebook shows greater signs of seriously fixing their mobile app.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

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