After much speculation about "customizable" hardware, earth-shattering specifications, and groundbreaking construction materials, everything we've learned about the Moto X to date has been pretty... mundane.

No one seems to have nailed down a concrete list of specifications for the device, with rumors varying anywhere from Snapdragon S4 Pro - the chip powering the Nexus 4 - to NVIDIA's Tegra 4i. I'd like to point out that the latter basically isn't possible if the phone is being released this year, as when I spoke to NVIDIA 6 weeks ago, they said the first Tegra 4i devices will be coming in "early 2014." (That revising an earlier estimate of "Q4 2013 / Q1 2014.") However, there is some possibility, of course, that a Tegra 4i version will come at a later date.

It also sounds like it's going to have a 720p display, and anywhere from a 10 to 16MP camera. The customization options, which have turned out to basically mean choosing the color of your back plate and a white or black front plate, aren't shaping up to be game-changers, either.

Frankly, the amount of rumors flying around this phone have all but guaranteed it will disappoint enthusiasts. Anything short of a Snapdragon 800 - or one of another 5 processor options of your choice - and a truly bezelless 5" 4K screen with Android 4.3 and 64GB of internal storage (with removable battery and microSD slot, of course!) is going to evoke Santa Clause-isn't-real levels of disillusionment among some people. In essence, the Moto X has been put on a pedestal so high that it cannot hope to live up to the herculean feats that it has already been portended to achieve.

The more reasonable view, in my opinion? The Moto X will be a spiritual successor to the RAZR M. Reasonably priced (possibly very reasonably), well-equipped (but not top of the line), and sturdy. It might even have some innovative, interesting features. I'd say that's almost guaranteed, given how much Moto itself has been hyping up being "different" and thinking out of the box via its experimental tech lead Regina Dugan. One thing that does seem likely is that the Moto X will be featured on all 4 major US carriers - no small feat. But Motorola's heavy focus on US manufacturing and marketing would also seem to suggest a wide international launch isn't really on the table.

So, with all that in mind, and tempering your expectations, is the Moto X still on your next-phone radar?

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