The upcoming DROID MAXX for Verizon Wireless has been rumored for a while now, but @evleaks has just posted an image of the device. Here it is in all its glory.


The design doesn't look like a radical departure from past Verizon DROIDs made by Motorola. It looks a bit closer to the RAZR M than the DROID RAZR MAXX HD, though. The kevlar texture wraps around a bit and the corners aren't as pointy. Additionally, it appears Motorola is going back to capacitive buttons after using on-screen ones in the last generation. Also of note, there are no logos on the front of the device. That would give it a very cool "2001 monolith" vibe – similar to Nexus devices.

We're told @evleaks is confident this is the final look. No specs are available yet, but the model number is expected to be XT1080M.

[@evleaks on Twitter]