Welcome to the Android Police Podcast, Episode 67.

Don't forget - the Android Police Podcast's live broadcast is every Thursday at 5PM PST (www.androidpolice.com/podcast). You can also check out our calendar, below, for detailed scheduling information. The unedited video version is here. And, as promised on the show, you'll have a chance to be our guest on the show next week. Below the calendar are details on just how to make your interest known.

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Android Police Podcast Guest Opportunity

Are you an avid AP podcast listener? Well, we’re giving one person a chance to join us for an entire live show next week on Wednesday, July 10th at 5PM PST. Here’s what you need to know.

  • A Google+ profile - you must have one. There is no way around this.
  • You need a half-decent webcam, a pair of headphones, and preferably a microphone that isn’t terrible. We’re not married to the latter requirement. A reliable, quick(-ish) internet connection is also necessary - no tethering, please.
  • You must broadcast video [of your face], so the camera-shy need not apply.
  • You cannot use a smartphone or tablet as your webcam / microphone (Hangouts On Air plugins aren’t supported).
  • You need to be available from 4:30PM PST to 6:30PM PST on July 10th, 2013. We know this excludes some of you because of job commitments. Sorry. :-(
  • You need to go through the last 7 days worth of major AP news (we’ll provide the links) to provide input in the discussion.
  • You need to be willing to talk and banter with us to a reasonable extent. We’re nice. Mostly.
  • What you get: To be on a full episode of the Android Police Podcast with Matthew Smith, Cameron Summerson, Liam Spradlin, Bob Severns, and David Ruddock. We might even get you a T-shirt. It might even be new!

To express your interest in being a guest, send us an email at [email protected]. Let us know why you should be on the podcast, and be sure to indicate that your meet the requirements outlines above. That's it! We'll get back to you if you've been selected.

Show Outline

Carrier 411

Rumor Roundup

Code Google

The Hotsheet

App Updates

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