If you didn't read our interview of the man behind the @evleaks Twitter account - Evan Blass - last week, go check it out. If you did, you may remember we promised that Evan would answer some of your questions from the comments section of that article. Well, here they are.

Q: [What is your] favorite phone currently on the market (pick one from each carrier of the big 4)?

A: Can I take the easy way out and say the HTC One for all four? How about the Galaxy? Those phones aside, I think the Optimus G Pro is a great option on AT&T, the iPhone 5 is pretty attractive on unlimited T-Mobile data, Verizon offers solid imaging with the Lumia 928, and Sprint...will have a fun new Moto X soon.

Q: What I don't understand is why [you didn't] leak, you know, the actual video of the then unreleased Windows Phone 8.

A: I looked for it the other day, actually, and don't have it anymore.

Q: Why did you choose AndroidPolice to reveal your identity?

A: I first revealed my identity on Twitter -- albeit somewhat obtusely -- but not many people noticed. AP asked for an interview, and because I feel it's a very high quality site (and I like a lot of the people here), I thought it would work out well.

Q: Why did you reveal yourself, Evan? why didn't you keep [your] identity a secret?

A: More or less answered in the original interview: I was starting to feel some pressure to come out, and I wanted to do it on my own terms.

Q: One question - when you leak, why the [poor-quality] pictures?

A: Press renders are usually pretty good quality. With in the wild shots, you take what you can get. Sorry to disappoint!

Q: [Why aren't] you using a high-end phone like the HTC One? Considering it is your line of work I thought you may have multiple phones!

A: Well I don't get freebies, like you might think, and "evleaking" is not the must lucrative of avocations.

Q: What carrier [are you] on?

A: Verizon.

Q: Are you behind Vizileaks, as an alternative Twitter leakster account for when you reveal yourself as evleaks?

A: That would be quite a plot.

Q: Which manufacturer do you think has the best chance at releasing the new Nexus?

A: Probably Motorola, now that the Moto X has tightened the working relationship between Google and Moto. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Nexus from China pretty soon, from a Huawei or a ZTE.

Q: Do you think revealing your identity will make it more difficult to leak?

A: I'm not sure, honestly. It wasn't a huge secret before this -- I'm sure most interested parties knew -- but you can never predict how people will react. 

Q: What are your general thoughts on Motorola/Google?

A: I think we have yet to see the full fruits of the collaboration. There seems to be a lot of potential there, at least in the arena of mobile computing.

Q: Coke Zero, Light or Normal?

A: Always regular. Preferably from a bottle, but usually from a can, or, least desirably, a fountain.

Q: What's the best part of leaking unreleased products?

A: Is it tacky to quote myself? I answered a very similar question in a Times of India profile: "Moments like those are why I leak. It's an intoxicating period of time, truly better than any drug: When you're about to publish a nice scoop, but you're still one of the only people in the world who knows the secret."

Q: Why don't you have a Google+ page?

A: Now that I don't have to battle Google's real name policy, consider it done.

Q: It may be a strange question, but do you like what you do right now (leaking mainly smartphone-related information) or would you rather have preferred to keep your job at a tech site and leak that information for that site?

A: Both paths have their upsides. Working for an established publication pays better. But publishing directly to Twitter is probably more enjoyable.

Q: What kind of advice would you give an aspiring (tech) writer nowadays?

A: Find a niche that you really like above the rest. I've enjoyed life a lot more as a specialist, concentrating on mobile. General tech writers have it rough, because they have to be jacks-of-all-trades, but don't have time to master any given category.

Q: Are you volunteering in any charitable organizations for Multiple Sclerosis? If so, do you recommend any?

A: No, I'm not. But the MS Society is the leader there, I hear.

Q: You mentioned small bezels on LG products as something you look forward to, what else is going to be the next big thing in mobile?

A: In the long run, it seems we're seeing a move away from the handset as a form factor, in favor of wearables. Short term, I think we'll just see more of the same: faster, bigger, thinner. With a few detours as OEM's look to differentiate (G4 Zoom/Active, IR ports, fingerprint sensors, wraparound displays, etc.)