Back when Redbox Instant first hit Android, many users were a bit upset that Redbox and Verizon decided to shun rooted users by blocking the app's video playback on rooted devices. Updates came and went, but nothing was done to correct this [rather ridiculous] error. Until now.

The app was just updated to v1.2, which "changes the way [it] handles rooted devices." Considering the changelog wasn't very clear about what that means, we decided to jump in and check it out for ourselves. In a nutshell, the app now allows video playback on rooted devices, and just gives a warning during the signup process:

1 2

Be carreeefffuuuullll!

So, if you're a Redbox Instant subscriber with a rooted device (or have been waiting to get a subscription until the service actually supports rooted devices), then today's your lucky day. May all your movie-streaming dream become a reality.

The app was not found in the store. :-(