Pebble is having a big day. A few hours after announcing their first retailer partnership with the omnipresent Best Buy, they've kicked out another software update for the smartwatch, which adds bugfixes and... well just bugfixes, and now the screen backlight flashes when you plug it into its charger to let you know that it's charging. More changes will become apparent when the next version of the Pebble Kit SDK is sent out. To update your Pebble, just open the official app on your phone.

What's new

  • The backlight now turns on momentarily when a charger is connected.
  • Goodies for watchapp developers that will be unlocked when the new version of PebbleKit is released.

What we fixed:

  • Subject/sender cutoff in notifications with long subjects/senders.
  • The motion backlight from sporadically not working.
  • Factory reset to disable the QC app and perform the reset.
  • Long click release after changing the action bar icon.
  • Presentation of some graphics.

Also, those backers and pre-order customers who chose the white option for their Pebble should be getting it soon. The first batch of white Pebbles has been shipped, and the rest are being made at the moment. Once the last of the white Pebbles ships, the creators should have fulfilled their commitment to the tens of thousands of people who backed the original Kickstarter project or ordered a watch during the pre-release stage.


And not that this has anything to do with anything, but the white Pebble with its matching strap looks pretty sweet. Check that sucker out.


Pebble also highlighted the unofficial Watchface Generator, which is a pretty sweet way of getting an impressively customized watch face on your Pebble. The online tool now supports analog watch faces, complete with a handful of customizable styles and text/date options. Watch faces can be downloaded directly to your phone via a QR code, then transferred to your watch with the "untrusted source" option enabled in the Pebble app. Neat.

Source: Pebble Kickstarter