The bugdroid speaker is back on sale. This thing is so darn adorable it doesn't even matter there are better quality speakers out there. The speaker is shaped like our favorite OS personified, and it plays music. What more do you want?

nexusae0_1305632255_xcv15a nexusae0_1305632255_xcv16a nexusae0_1305632255_xcv19a

The Accessory Power GOgroove Pal Bot (as it's more properly known) has 8 watts of peak output and an 850mAh lithium-ion battery good for 6 hours of tunes on the go. It has a built-in 3.5mm stereo cable to plug in – no Bluetooth for this little bot. Also, LED light-up eyes. It has pretty solid reviews, in part thanks to the distressing level of adorable.

Newegg is selling the bugdroid speaker for $20 and offers free shipping on orders, though it's the slow 4-7 day option. Can you wait that long for this cute little guy? You'll have to try. It's currently going for $5 more on Amazon.

[Newegg – Thanks, Franco Colomba]