Are you ready to go shopping for new window blinds? I know, I know, that isn't generally the most exciting thing in the world. It typically ranks somewhere between picking up new doilies and trying out a new floor mat to keep beside the bathtub. But here's the deal. SONTE has pitched an innovative approach to keeping the sun out that has raised enough eyebrows to reach its funding goal of $200,000 on Kickstarter. Even better - these adhesive shades can be controlled via our smartphones. So I ask again: Are you ready to go blinds shopping?


SONTE's shades adhere to windows, much like smartphone screen protectors. They are designed to go from transparent to solid when an electrical current passes through them. This current can be controlled by either Android or iOS devices, and the shades can transition entirely in under a second. Multiple shades can be daisy-chained together and powered from a single outlet.


We've been trying to manage how much sunlight enters our homes for thousands of years now, and many solutions have popped up ranging from simple (curtains) to the complex (motorized shades). Options are typically inconvenient or costly to install. SONTE hopes to bring an automated solution that is completely affordable.

Tired of getting up to close the curtains? Hate having to move during an engaging movie because the midday sun is now washing out the colors? SONTE plans to distribute their digital shades this fall. There are still under two days remaining for anyone who still wants to jump in. It costs just $65 to give one of these a try, and the first round will ship in both red and black.

SONTE: iPhone/iPad Android DIY WiFi Digital Shades - Kickstarter