The launch of the world's most hyped Android-powered mini console might have been something of a dud, but at least the creators are keeping up the support. The first major update after Ouya's release includes some substantial improvements to the app/game store, most notably PIN security for purchases (to make sure those meddling kids don't empty Mommy and Daddy's checking account) and support for pre-paid gift cards. Card totals can now be applied towards new games or in-app purchases. The news came from the Forums section of the Ouya developer page.

Other additions include a new and more user-friendly Game Details page, changes to the game download dialog (which can now be cancelled), and the ability to create new users after logging out. One change that's a bit strange is that game downloads will be paused if you begin a game, purportedly to keep a high level of performance. That should help, but with bigger and bigger game downloads on Android, it will mean a lot of waiting around without being able to play a game you've already downloaded. Bummer.

Other general visual tweaks and bug fixes abound. The full list of changes for the 1.0.328 firmware is below. 


Here is the changelog for 1.0.328:

  • Game Details page has been re-designed:
    • Images and buttons now easier to navigate
    • Selecting (Pressing the (O) button on) an image will show it full screen
    • Description text no longer flows off screen.
    • “More Info” button allows user to read full description text
    • Longer titles now accommodated better
    • Queued downloads now display as "In Queue…"
    • Ratings system has been updated to use a more intuitive system of age ranges
    • Founders Icon for games now appears on the Game Details page.  Thanks for believing!
  • Download behavior changes:
    • Game downloads can now be cancelled!
    • Downloads have been limited to 1 to increase performance while navigating during a download
    • Downloads are paused when a game is running to maintain best performance while playing.  They resume automatically when exiting the game
    • Downloads now start in the order they were queued
    • Downloads give a clear indication when there is not enough space left to accommodate them
  • Added the ability to set a PIN code for purchases.  Parents rejoice!  This can be found in under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PARENTAL CONTROLS
  • Added support for redeeming pre-paid cards.  They can be redeemed when creating a new user, or from the MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS screen
  • Re-flowed in-game purchases to accommodate pre-paid cards.  Allows the user to fix purchase errors without leaving the game.
  • Logging out now allows users to log in or create a new user
  • PLAY category now sorts by most recently played or downloaded
  • Changed background image.  Style points +1
  • Changed layout of Network screen to match the new user experience.
  • Changed the look of more dialogs to have the OUYA theme
  • Fixed bug that could cause the account screen to appear to not respond to user input
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when getting a system update while out of space
  • New repository with 3rd party game engine examples:

Update: looks like there's an even newer release, with a few more bug fixes. Sorry about that - the Ouya RSS feed seems a little pokey. Here's the short list of changes for version 1.0.346, and thanks to commenter Vibrunazo for pointing out the discrepancy.

  • Fixed changing passwords through Gamers Portal blocking users 
  • Fixed purchases not working when changing to a Dev account 
  • Fixed simultaneous button presses not registering in some MP games