If you can afford a Tesla electric car (in addition to the car you drive when you have to go more than three hundred miles), odds are pretty good that you can afford a Google Glass Explorer unit, too. If you happen to have both, in addition to the envy of every working class geek on the Internet, a developer has just enabled you to combine your favorite technological excesses. GLASSTESLA mixes the functions of the official Tesla app with the always-on, ever-ready nature of Glass to make you and your car into an ultra-efficient crime-fighting duo. You don't actually have to fight crime. But you totally could.

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GLASSTESLA is essentially a 21st century version of the wireless key fob, allowing you to see a charging meter, lock or unlock the doors, open the sunroof or trunk, honk the horn and flash the headlights, and adjust the internal climate control or see the external temperature. The most useful feature is a location finder, which will guide you to your car just like one of those parking assistance apps. Except it's on your face. It's a free download for Glass users, environmentally-friendly and exclusive supercar not included.

Source: GLASSTESLA via Sahas Katta (Google+)

Thanks, Thanks, Gaston Fernandez