I've known my wife for five years now, and I still struggle to remember her phone number. The only numbers I know are those I can recall from before getting my first mobile phone, and since I have lost touch with nearly everyone from back then, that has largely been reduced down to immediate family members. For everyone else, there's a People app, and all I've had to do to dial them is start typing their name. Now I don't even have to make that much effort. If you join the Google Search field trial, you can find a contact's information simply by asking your phone. Just say or type "Cameron's phone number" or "What's Cameron's address" and watch Search work its magic.

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Search currently summons your Gmail contacts, but Google's magicians are hard at work conjuring up a method for pulling down Google+ contacts as well. Like casting any good spell, you have to recite things precisely right for this to work. If Search just can't make out what you're saying, try manually teaching it your contact by adding a phonetic name.

Be sure to read the fine print before joining the trial. Search won't just pull information from your contacts, it will search your Google Drive for relevant documents, Gmail for relevant messages, and calendar for scheduled events. Granted, Google already searches through much of these things to dish us ads. Still, anyone who feels queasy after seeing how much information Google can pull down is free to leave the field trial at any time.


Also, this is US-only for the time being. Sorry.

Source: Google+

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free