Ah, the press invitation: the event that sends the wild gadget blogger into a frothing rampage of speculation and anticipation. Our latest guess-fest is provided courtesy of T-Mobile, which sent out press invitations to a July 10th New York City event this afternoon. There's no information on what might be revealed therein, and T-Mobile's typical pink marketing language isn't saying much. The only clue we've got is that it will, in the carrier's own words, include T-Mobile's "boldest moves yet."


Disclaimer: we at Android Police have absolutely no idea what's coming in this little get-together. The only upcoming star-studded phone release that's been confirmed for T-Mobile is the Sony Xperia Z -  when it launches on Magenta, it will be the only US carrier to offer Sony's slinky water-resistant flagship as part of its in-house phone lineup. The plural teaser would seem to indicate that they've got something more than just a single piece of hardware waiting in the wings. In any case, T-Mo is historically less likely than its fellow carriers to hold a major event for one phone that they've already confirmed (albeit with no date). Other sites speculate that the "bold moves" alluded to in the invite refer to an expanded "Uncarrier" model, building on the semi-contract-free restructuring the company went through this spring.

Or it could be a brand new Blackberry Bold. That would certainly be a bold move, though you could use other adjectives for it. We'll find out in a couple of weeks.

Source: 9to5google