According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is working on a few things. They are, according to the world's most infamous tipster "People Familiar With The Matter," working on an Android-powered video game console. And a smart watch. And a new Nexus Q. And the possibility of Android-powered appliances (like refrigerators). And Laptops. And, oh yeah, low-cost phones for developing markets.

Typically we avoid reporting on too-good-to-be-true rumors, but today's alleged revelation is a real whopper. Since it comes from the Wall Street Journal – which often comes through on rumors – it might just be worth keeping an eye on.

The watch Google is reported to be working on, according to the post, is meant to combat the also as-yet-fictional smart watch expected from Apple (and watches expected from everyone else). The console, likewise, is thought to be a predictive reaction to competition from Cupertino and others.

Low-cost Android smartphones designed by Google would apparently target developing markets, including those where "Google plans to fund or help create next-generation wireless networks," according to the WSJ.

As for laptops and appliances like refrigerators? The WSJ says that Google's "K Release" of Android will allow manufacturers to stuff the OS into more devices and form factors than were previously practical (though companies like Dacor have already given it a shot).

The Wall Street Journal goes on to discuss a possible next-generation Nexus Q which "will be much less expensive," according to the sources. Unfortunately, no other juicy details were available on that front.

All of these devices are said to be designed by Google, with the big G also handling marketing responsibilities. As for when we can expect this veritable shower of so far shadowy devices to arrive? WSJ says Google "hopes to … release at least one of them this fall."

With Google having dipped its toes into industrial design and manufacturing already (with devices like the Nexus Q and Glass), this is probably the easiest to swallow rumor of the bunch.

Closing out the flurry of rumors, WSJ reiterates something we've heard before – the upcoming version of Android will "remedy" the issues of less-than-ideal performance on older or underpowered hardware.

As for official confirmation? Don't be silly. Spokespeople on all sides declined comment.

Of course, we'll be keeping a sharp eye on all these rumors, but until more information becomes available, check out the WSJ's original post below.

Source: Wall Street Journal