Today's update to Play Movies introduces a sleeker experience for Android devices. Unfortunately, the experience is too sleek for the Nexus Q to handle. For the few of you that have one of those endearing little spheres, your movies are now joining your music as content you can no longer stream to the device.


With both Play Music and Play Movies support gone, there is little reason to continue using the Nexus Q. That said, the YouTube app still works. The device isn't dead yet, but it's well on its way to becoming the most adorable brick you have ever owned. For those of us who never got a chance to experience the Q, let's just stare longingly for a moment and think about all that could have been.

Nexus Q

The Play Movies update is still rolling out rather slowly, but we've already hosted the APK for anyone who wants to speed up their Nexus Q's demise or just enjoy the new improvements on their other devices.

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