Google Apps Device Policy doesn't have a sexy name, and it doesn't need one. It's intended for businesses, schools, and governments that use Google Apps. Administrators can use the tool to enforce security policies and enact other policies that personal users have come to expect from Lookout and Where's My Droid. They are empowered to locate lost devices, cause them to ring, lock them remotely, and wipe all of their content. The latest update permits administrators to remove corporate Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Docs without deleting the other data contained on a device. Conversely, users can now wipe MicroSD cards in addition to internal memory.

With version 5.0, administrators can now:
  • Set up Wi-Fi networks on your device
  • Remove your corporate Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Docs without deleting your personal stuff
  • Wipe your SD memory card (for example, if you lose your device)

DevicePolicy3 DevicePolicy4

Administrators can activate the new features from any computer by signing into their Google Apps account and heading to their "My Devices" page.

Google Apps Device Policy
Google Apps Device Policy
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+