For those who don't know the pure magic of Boomerang for Gmail, click here. The service has been around for Chrome and Firefox for quite a while now, and it's great. Basically, Boomerang allows users to schedule messages to send at a predetermined date and time, or "boomerang" them back into their inbox if there's no reply or if a message requires follow-up.

Today, Boomerang for Gmail is unleashing Boomerang for Android – a full Gmail client that packs in all the features you love about Boomerang. That's the good news. The bad news is that the client still has a few quirks, and has a few questionable design/implementation choices.

Before discussing those, though, it's worth mentioning a little feature that, in addition to Boomerang's scheduling and reminder functionality, makes it an app with a lot of potential – users can swipe a message to the left to get a handful of useful options, or swipe to the right to archive or delete (like Gmail's single-action swipe).


The app, despite being the self-titled "best Gmail client," does suffer from some intermittent performance problems, uses a web view for logging into Google, has an interface that's far from ideal, doesn't do push notifications, and only supports Gmail and Google apps for now, but users should keep in mind that the client is brand new, and should be receiving attention over time. The developers have already promised that Exchange/Outlook, Yahoo, and "other" email providers will be supported eventually.

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Despite its issues, the app's functionality alone is worth checking out, and potentially keeping around, if only to schedule emails and stay on top of your inbox. Just hit the widget below to give it a shot.