The day has finally come, true believers. The OUYA console is real, it's on sale, and you can have one of three online retailers send one to your doorstep. The $100 gaming SoC-in-a-box got its celebrated start on Kickstarter, but as of today you don't need to be among its backers to buy one. The OUYA storefront, Best Buy, and Target are all allowing orders to go through at the moment - Gamestop and Amazon are also retail partners, but the former isn't allowing you to add the item to your cart, while the latter is showing "out of stock." 


All the US and Canadian stores list the OUYA at $99.99, while UK gamers can pick it up for the same price in pounds. (Sorry, guys - that exchange rate makes it considerably more expensive for you.) Canadian readers, is selling the console already. United Kingdom, is allowing you to buy it, but the listing says it will ship in 1-3 weeks (ouch). GAME is shipping in as little as one day. Best Buy, Target, and Gamestop have also committed to selling the OUYA at brick-and-mortar stores in the US, but I wouldn't head there at the crack of dawn to get one. There's no telling which stores will carry it, or how many will be available at launch.

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Readers in all three countries want to hold on to their money for just a little while longer. Android Police will have an exhaustive review of the OUYA and its gaming ecosystem later today. We'll be updating this post as more stores become available.

OUYA Retailers

Update: Gamestop is now letting OUYA orders go through, and is showing a ship date of July 2nd. (US) is still showing the OUYA as out of stock.

Source: OUYA Store Page