Humble Bundle With Android 6 was already a good deal before, as it offered seven games, five of which were debuting on Android for the first time. Now, three additional titles are joining the ranks. Those who have already bought the bundle will see McPixel, Waking Mars, and NightSky appear in their Humble Bundle libraries automatically. Those who haven't yet bought the bundle just have to pay over the average price paid thus far, which has yet to exceed $5. To sweeten the deal further, all ten games come with digital versions of their soundtracks.


I don't know about you, but I love the music in Aquaria. I would gladly pay more than $5 for that album alone. Altogether, this content would normally cost over $120, and none of the proceeds would go to charity. If you jump on this deal now, you get more games and save more money. At the same time, developers get more revenues from the added publicity, and charities get more love by association. This is all the right things.

Now for some trailers:


Waking Mars


Humble Bundle With Android 6