This isn't exactly breaking news, but some time in the last week or so Samsung began shipping the Galaxy S4's official MHL adapter through its site and various retail partners in the US. The new adapter has been on sale for over 2 months abroad, but is just now finding its way to American shores.

MHL adapters, if you aren't aware, allow you to transmit HD A/V signal from your phone via a microUSB to HDMI piece to a television or monitor. The Galaxy S4 is one of the very first smartphones to user version 2.0 of the MHL standard, which no longer requires an external power source in order to be used (just don't be surprised when it demolishes your battery). There is still a charging port on the adapter, however.


Why exactly is this noteworthy? Well, while the Galaxy S4 will work with most 11-pin previous-generation MHL cables, there have been complaints that it can be a bit picky about which it wants to play nicely with. MHL 2.0 also brings 60Hz video playback, which means it will look much nicer on your TV than the old MHL adapters do. The new MHL 2.0 adapter is also backwards-compatible with Samsung's 11-pin MHL 1 devices like the S III and Note II, though those devices will not get all of MHL 2.0's benefits.

As for where to get it, you have several options, of which I believe Verizon is actually the cheapest.

Hit up any of the above to get your hands on the MHL adapter for the S4.