Privacy Guard, the feature formerly known as Incognito Mode for apps, will make its way into CyanogenMod starting tonight. Steve Kondik, Mr. Cyanogen himself, has merged the ability to enable Privacy Guard support into all future nightly builds. Just to be clear, this new feature is not included in the 10.1.0 RC or stable releases currently available. Only those who like to walk on the wild side are getting their hands on this feature right away.


As the former name puts quite clearly, Privacy Guard enables users to run specific apps in what is essentially an incognito mode. The option can be enabled in the App Info panel. After it has been enabled, the app will be unable to access to GPS or other means of determining a phone's location. Likewise, the app will see empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history, and messages. It's not perfect, though. Ads can still get through, and apps with root access can still do whatever they want. Regardless, this may soon be a must-have feature for the more privacy conscious among us.