The CyanogenMod team has announced the release candidate phase of CM 10.1 is over – the final version is going to drop later today. If your device has been getting the RC builds, you can expect a final version of this popular ROM to be waiting for you in the morning.


Devices that haven't been updated to release candidate builds up to now won't be part of this first push. That includes Tegra 2 phones and tablets, as well as some Samsung Exynos devices. The CM team will provide a status report on these devices later in the week.

With CyanogenMod 10.1 reaching general availability, the developers will turn their attention to continuing the M-release cycle and adding new features. The Privacy Guard feature was just merged into Nightlies, and there's that new Quick Settings camera waiting for approval. This isn't the end for CM 10.1 – there's still plenty to do. We'll let you know when builds start hitting the servers.

Update: Builds are starting to appear now. Check for your device!

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