You remember the ASUS Transformer Prime, don't you? World's first Tegra 3 device? One of the first tablets to use Ice Cream Sandwich? A name somewhat reminiscent of a Hasbro toy? Back when ASUS was still calling every machine "Eee"? For some reason, it took the indefatigable CyanogenMod team several months to get CM 10.1 (Android 4.2) ready for the metal-clad TF201, but nightly builds have finally started appearing on the download page. So far there's just one, uploaded this morning - nightly builds after today should all be Jelly Bean 4.2.


The TF201 is looking a little long in the tooth these days, what with a rather pedestrian 1280x800 screen resolution and the Tegra 3 making way for newer processors from Qualcomm and NVIDIA. But there are still quite a few hanging around (including one in my desk drawer), in no small thanks to that sturdy all-metal build. CyanogenMod has officially added the Transformer Prime to the list of supported devices for 10.1, so more nightlies, betas, and release candidates should be coming before too long.

A word of warning: your TF201 needs to be using the ASUS Jelly Bean bootloader before flashing CyanogenMod 10.1. Obviously it also needs to be unlocked, with some sort of custom recovery, but the CM team added that warning after posting the news on Google+. It's best to heed it. If you're all set to go, don't forget your Gapps.

Source: CyanogenMod TF201 Nightly Download Page via CyanogenMod Google+