Verizon pushed out an update at the end of May to add a number of enhancements to the Galaxy S III. However, after users flooded the Verizon forums with reports of broken LTE, Big Red pulled the update. A slightly tweaked version is about to roll out with a few more features, and presumably no LTE issues.


The update listing doesn't make mention of the data fix, but that's understandable. It should be noted that this update's changelog is a bit different than the last one. It has new Google security patches, and support for VMware Horizon Mobile Switch Application. Yeah, not exactly headlining features, but all the important stuff from VRBMD3 is there too.


Once Verizon updates its support page, the update usually starts hitting devices in a day or two. You can mash the update button if you want, but no promises. You can checkout the document below for all the minute details.

[Verizon (PDF)]