I'm sure we all know the frustration of trying to take a bath with a smartphone only to have it stop working. Outrageous! Surely there must be some sort of technological solution to this conundrum? Liquipel is a possibility, but you usually have to send in your device to have it sealed up. Now you can grab a pre-treated Galaxy S III for Verizon at a subsidized price from Wirefly. Kind of neat, right?


Liquipel has been selling the full-price device on its site for a while now. It costs a whopping $749, though. The deal on Wirefly is just $89.99 with a new account and 2-year contract. Upgrades are a bit more at $99.99, and the full price is $619.99. That's actually a lot lower than Liquipel's price. The device is only available in blue right now.

There have been rumors of Liquipel coming standard on the GS3 since before it was out, but this looks to be as close as we're going to get. For what it's worth, Verizon does not acknowledge the existence of this device. It's last year's model, but waterproof phones don't exactly grow on trees. But if they did, at least they wouldn't be ruined by the rain.

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