If you've ever felt the urge to indulge in Android-branded consumerism in the same way that Apple fans do, you might soon get the chance... if you live in India. The Economic Times reports that Google plans to open an Android-branded store called Android Nation in New Delhi's Select Citywalk shopping center. The store will feature Android hardware from multiple brands (not just Nexus devices) and operate in partnership with Asian conglomerate Spice Mobile. More stores across India are in the planning stage.


One of Android Nation's Jakarta locations. Photo via Tech In Asia

According to the anonymous source, Google has been scouting for a small retail area in the city for some time, with the aim of establishing an "Android experience." Think accessories, hands-on demo units, technical assistance, apps on touchscreen monitors, et cetera. (It will probably be a pretty good place to find Dead Zebra Android toys, too.) Google has already created two Android Nation stores in Jakarta, Indonesia, also in partnership with a local corporation. The stores function more as an advertising venue than an actual point of sale - with enormous marketshare across all of Asia, it's not as if Google needs to sell hardware on its own.

The New Delhi store will open sometime later this year, with more Indian locations set to follow. A Spice Global representative said that the stores will focus on selling 3G smartphones, though tablets from various major brands and budget-oriented Chinese manufacturers will also be available. So far there's been no indication that Google intends to set up retail locations outside of Asia.

Source: Economic Times via India Times