Short-length videos are quickly becoming the new picture thanks to services like Vine, so it only makes sense that Instagram would also want to get in on the action. Today, the now Facebook-owned company announced videos for Instagram, a new feature that will let users capture up to 15 second clips (almost thrice the length of Vine's capture window).

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As all Instagram users have come to expect, the feature will also include filters – 13 new, exclusive-for-video filters, to be exact. Other than the addition of a new video icon, the overall interface has gone largely unchanged as far as content creation is concerned. Adding filters, descriptions, and hashtags will continue to work in the same way it does for images, and videos will fit seamlessly into the general feed. They will play automatically, but won't loop (fortunately), so you aren't stuck with the same video playing over and over.

Aside from the new filters, a new feature named Cinema will also be available for videos, which essentially stabilizes shaky and inconsistent clips, making the overall consumption experience far more enjoyable for all who view those 15-second works of art. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iPhone 4S and 5 at launch, with no word on whether or not it will ever make its way to Android.

The updated application should be hitting Google Play later today, and will begin its staged rollout to users immediately.

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Price: Free+

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