People first played Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS and declared: It was good. The series was then ported to consoles, the PC, iOS, and Android via the Amazon Appstore, and it was good. But there was a problem, who uses the Amazon Appstore? While people scratched their heads and terrorized the town in search of such a person, Scribblenauts Remix made its way into the Play Store. And lo, it was still good.

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Android gamers have been looking forward to this game for quite a while now, since even before its Amazon Appstore debut back in April. This version includes levels from the original Nintendo DS release along with an additional 10. Players will best these levels by modifying the environment using items they create merely by typing. They are free to create whatever their imaginations can muster, though they're ultimately limited by the imagination of the developers themselves.

Scribblenauts has garnered critical and commercial success on largely any platform that it's touched. At 99 cents, this is a great way to taste the series before shelling out for one of the more meaty versions available elsewhere. Just don't expect to play this on your phone. This experience is intended for tablets only.

Thanks, Naproxeno.