One of Android's most popular productivity suites, OfficeSuite, received an update to version 7.2, adding a host of new features, though most are specific to the Pro version of the app (considering how many times it's been on sale at this point, you should have it).

The gist of it is that Word docs and slides now can use shapes, spreadsheets and PowerPoint docs can be exported to PDF, and support for HP's ePrint tech has been added. All in all, these features just add to the arsenal OfficeSuite already commands, and continue to make it one of Android's most powerful document creation and editing tools.

What's in this version:

Version 7.2.1276
* Ability to insert shapes in Word
* Right to left writing in Word for Hebrew and Arabic languages
* Export spreadsheets to PDF
* Digital keyboard for easier numbers input in Excel
* Ability to insert shapes in slides
* Export of PowerPoint documents to PDF
* Grid View in the File Explorer
* Printing to HP printers (requires HP ePrint)

To get the 7.2 update for the free and Pro versions, hit up the Play Store links below.

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
Developer: MobiSystems
Price: $19.99+