Huawei announced the company's first real superphone this morning in London, and it's called the Ascend P6. Catchy.

ascend-p6 (1)

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This device has been leaked an absurd number of times in the last few months, so it's not exactly a shocker, but seeing it in all its press-ready photoshopped glory is a lot more impressive than through the lens of a mediocre smartphone camera in a dimly lit room. The P6 is undoubtedly the nicest looking handset Huawei has ever produced.

The selling points for this phone are definitely the more superficial aspects, however. Its mostly-metal body and exceptional thinness (just 6.18mm) are clearly gunning at out-iPhoning the iPhone. The P6 even kind of looks like an iPhone.


For all the P6's beauty, then, there is a cost. LTE does not appear to be supported, only 8GB of internal storage are provided (plus microSD slot), its 4.7" LCD is a 720p panel (though it does work with gloves), and it manages to fit only a 2000mAh battery in that sleek frame. It's equipped with an f2.0 8MP rear camera, and a 5MP (yep, really) front camera that is, and I quote from the press release, "perfect for selfies." The processor is a 1.5GHz quad-core of unknown lineage with 2GB of RAM, and may even be Huawei's own in-house silicon.

Android 4.2.2, somewhat refreshingly, is hiding underneath Huawei's newly-unveiled Emotion UI (gag), which looks to heavily augment the stock Android experience, a trait increasingly typical of Chinese smartphones running Google's OS.

The P6 will start shipping in China this month, with Western Europe next on the list in July through a host of carriers and online retailers. Pricing was not announced.

Huawei via Android Central