Google Play for Education, unveiled during Google I/O, is a program to get Nexus tablets into the hands of students and provide a curated app store offering content to fill those tablets with. Google released a video today aimed at the developers who may someday produce the apps that will eventually populate their store. It's also an interesting watch for educators curious about what technology may soon enter their classrooms and parents tired of their children learning on iPads (assuming their classrooms have tablets at all).

Education1 Education2

The video demos the app store in action, which should look familiar to anyone visiting this site. Google Play's Education store isn't all that different from Google Play itself, just child friendly. Schools administrators can try apps for free and purchase content in bulk. They can then deploy apps across all of a school's tablets with just one click. Check it out:

As for Google's other educational ambitions, the company reports that over 25 million students and faculty use Google Apps, over 3,000 schools use Chromebooks in some capacity, and over 700,000 videos have been uploaded to YouTube EDU. Not bad.