PushBullet is a super-useful app for getting text and files from one place to another. The app just got its first update in about two months, and it adds some very useful features.

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The newest update includes support for the Android sharing intent system. This enables device-to-device sharing of content using the standard Android sharing menu. This could be very useful if you have more than one device, like a phone and tablet. I'm not seeing PushBullet pop up in all the sharing menus on my device yet, but it is working fine from the browser and Evernote. It looks like PushBullet might not support file push from devices yet (the service is still mostly based around text). Here is the full changelog:

  • PushBullet is now integrated with the intent system! This means you can now push pages from the browser on one device to any of your devices, and much much more.
  • You can also now push notes and links to your other devices right from in the app.
  • Added the option to copy the url or text of a push from the notification tray.
  • Improved push reliability (the push notifications have stopped for some users).
  • A few other fixes

You can access PushBullet on your PC from the website, or with the handy Chrome extension. The service is also entirely free.

Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet - SMS on PC and more