Nuance comes at voice interactions in a slightly different way with Dragon Assistant than Google does with Now. Google Now is a search tool first and foremost, but there are some assistant-type functions grafted on too. Dragon Assistant is more conversational and handles a few complex tasks very well. In fact, it just got a better at a number of things. Nuance is releasing a big 4.0 update on Google Play.

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This version brings more automation to the app so you'll hopefully have to touch your phone even less. The wake up word for Dragon's speech recognition engine can now be changed to whatever you want, even "Computer" in your best Captain Picard voice, if that's what you want (it is definitely what I want). The way Dragon handles emails is also new, and I have to say, it's very impressive from my testing.

Here is the full v4.0 changelog:

  • Customizable Wake Up Word – So whether it’s “Hi Dragon,” or “Hello Dolly,” Dragon is ready to respond and deliver 
  • Auto-detection for Intelligent, Hands-free Driver Mode – Dragon knows when users are in a moving vehicle and can automatically switch over to hands-free, eyes-free Driver Mode, keeping people connected in a safer, smarter way.
  • Inbound message alerts – Dragon will read your incoming messages aloud, and allows you to reply with a single button tap
  • Voice-enabled Email creation – Now you can dictate emails with your voice

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I'm also happy to report the new version of Dragon passes the Hitchhiker's Guide test with flying colors. The app is supposed to go live any minute now, so give the Play Store a little time to get up to speed.

Update: v4.0 is now live.