In exactly two weeks, the bell will toll for Google Reader, taking down the infrastructure for quite a few popular RSS reader clients with it. But a few are sticking it out, including the developer of popular Android Google Reader client gReader. Noin Nion has decided to expand the basics of gReader into a new app, tentatively titled News+. The new app will add support for extensions synced to external multiple external sources, including Feedly; gReader is one of the launch partners for Feedly's new alternative backend.

Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-53-49 Screenshot_2013-06-13-17-52-51

Screenshots taken by a gReader Google Groups user.

But that's not all. Extension support will theoretically allow News+ to sync to any reader service with a public API. At the moment the app is in a very early beta stage, with the source published on GitHub, and the only extensions built so far are for the relatively niche services Bazqux and TT-Rss. (The extension API is coming soon, along with a Feedly extension.) Extensions for these services and Google Reader itself can be downloaded and installed by the few, the proud and the beta testers. Early users are reporting a lot of bugs, so if you rely on RSS feeds on your device, you might want to wait for a more stable release.

Since the gReader functionality is being adapted into a new app, one has to wonder what will happen to the users who've already paid for the premium version. So far the developer has not commented. According to the Google Groups page, the older gReader app will also feature syncing to Feedly.

Source: gReader Google Group

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