Imgur has become one of the standard Internet destinations for quick and dirty photo sharing, but its official Android app leaves a lot to be desired - though to be fair, it's still in beta. The latest update adds a much-needed Holo interface... sort of. The UI has definitely been improved over previous versions, and according to the changelog, it's Holo. While it's clear that the designers were trying for a more standardized app, the guidelines have been followed in some places and not others. It could be called "I Can't Believe It's Not Holo."

2013-06-14 22.37.42 2013-06-14 22.37.56 2013-06-14 22.39.26

The biggest change is the new side menu, which is activated with a logo tap (like some of the newer versions of Google apps) but won't show up with a simple side-swipe. This action is slow and a little jumpy - not broken, but certainly not as nice as we'd like to see. Ditto for the infinite scroll in the main view; it works, just not nearly as smoothly as the same action in, say, Google+. The top corner button works like it should, and goes one navigation level up or opens the side menu on the main gallery page. It's just too bad that Android's own Back button seems to be broken in at least some places.

The look and feel of the app is flattened, with a few new icons, so you could say that it's at least more Holo in that regard. But with the slow speed and general lag throughout the app, I still prefer using the web interface, even on a phone. Keep up the improvements, fellas.

Latest changes 0.1.11:
* Holo design!
* Swipe speed improvements
* Save image to phone improved

Update: Imgur has adjusted the changelog. "Holo design!" now reads "Updated header design".