Last week there was a bit of hubbub among the still-tiny population of Google Glass users, after Google sent out packages to the Explorer program. A few of them spotted UPS packages coming in through the My UPS service, and speculation ran wild. What could this 1-pound package be? A free Nexus 4? Keys to one of Google's self-driving cars? A golden ticket for admittance to the Google X Dream Factory?

Nope. It's a water bottle.

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Just a water bottle. Nothing smart (or even mildly clever) about it: open the top, put some water in, and drink it. Glass user Jason Alvarez posted these photos to Imgur, showing off the sweet new hardware and a hand-written note from the Glass team. The bottle does have the official Glass logo emblazoned on the side, so I suppose you could use it to inform others that you're an Official Google Glass Explorer even when you're not wearing your exclusive electronics on your face.

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If you want to experience the elation and disappointment of this little gift from a first-person perspective, TWiT producer extraordinaire Jason Howell took an unboxing video with his own Glass unit. It is mildly entertaining.

Source: Imgur via Jesus Alvarez