Amazon Wireless sales are so dramatic and frequent that I don't know why anyone buys a retail-priced phone anymore. Case in point: Today's one-day sale is a reduced-price HTC One, on-contract for both AT&T and Sprint users. New contract signees can pick up one of the best Android smartphones around for a jaw-dropping $79.99, while those renewing their contracts can get it for just a bit more at $99.99. Two-day shipping is free (no Amazon Prime account required), and the phone is offered in silver or black on both carriers.

azw one

For the sake of comparison, the base 32GB One is $199.99 on AT&T's web store. The phone is the same price at Sprint, though new customers can currently score $100 off if they port their number from a previous carrier. This is as good a deal as we've seen yet for the HTC One on either provider (matching a Sprint promotion form last month), assuming that you want to sign a contract - both are the standard $549.99 without one. By the way, if you're going with a no-contract AT&T version, you might just want to wait for the Google Edition.

Like it says up top, this deal is good for today, Friday, June 14th only.