The Humble Bundle debuts a new bundle of games every Thursday on sale for whatever-you-want-to-pay. Most sales are multi-platform, but Android gamers don't always make the list. Today, take notice. Four of this week's games are just begging to find a home on your mobile device. Altogether, this collection is bound to please strategy gurus, platforming masters, and arcade action addicts alike.


If you're familiar with the Humble Bundle, then you know the deal. Name your price and get your hands on four of these great games. Those who beat the average will get their hands on a fifth title, which is usually more than worth throwing down a couple extra bucks. This time, though, the Humble Bundle is throwing in a source file allowing customers to print out an Anomaly 2 mech figure using a 3D printer. Not enough? You will also get your hands on one desktop wallpaper for each game included in the bundle.

3DFigure Wallpapers

What games are in this week's bundle:

And for those who surpass the average:

As usual, payments can be divided between your choice of charities, the developers, or the Humble Bundle folks themselves. Even if none of these games tickle your fancy, it's still worth contributing to a good cause.

Source: Humble Bundle, Humble Bundle Blog