Foursquare is a neat way to keep your friends appraised of your location and activities, as is the custom in this day and age. With the help of Samsung, you can now see all your Foursquare check-ins through a living timeline called Time Machine. Even if you don't have a Foursquare account, check out the demo. It's really cool.


Time Machine is an aerial view of your check-ins laid out chronologically. It plays back at warp speed, laser-like streamers of color dashing from one check-in to the next. A sidebar shows you stats about your check-ins while locations flash up across the screen. You can pause at any time and advance through places one at a time, or scrub through the record at an accelerated pace. You can even save infographics about your Foursquare usage.

This web app is very slick – it actually makes me wish I used Foursquare more.

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