As I was digging through the latest build of Google Play Music, I noticed something strange: lots and lots of YouTube stuff. "That's odd," I thought, "What does YouTube have to do with Play Music?"

Oh, right, music videos!

Sure enough, there's some fairly revealing text included, too:

<string name="finding_videos_for_track">Finding related videos for the track...</string>
<string name="no_videos_for_track">No videos found for the track.</string>
<string name="youtube_video_details_hd">%1$s | %2$,d views | HD</string>
<string name="youtube_video_details_nonhd">%1$s | %2$,d views</string>
<string name="youtube_video_duration_hms">%1$02d:%2$02d:%3$02d</string>
<string name="youtube_video_duration_ms">%1$02d:%2$02d</string>

While listening to music, you'll be able to tell Play Music to hunt down the YouTube video for that song. It looks like the video will play in the music app, since there's lots of "video" views and styles in the xml.

<string name="menu_find_video">Find video</string>

There's a "Find Video" menu string for this, so presumably you'll be able to kick into YouTube mode from one of Play Music's million or so menus.


As my esteemed colleague, Mr. Ravenscraft, points out; the desktop version of Play Music already sort-of does this. It will match a Play Music listing to a YouTube video, which you can then share on Google+ (...from your Chrome Laptop, over your Google Fiber connection).

The desktop version doesn't necessarily give a perfect (or official) match, it's basically an easy way to search YouTube. So expect that soon in the Android app.

That's it for this teardown; short and sweet. I'll see you next update!