Connecting a printer to a computer is so old fashioned. If you're going to splatter ink all over a flattened sheet of dead tree like some sort of caveman, you might as well use the internet to do it. Luckily, Google has finally made an official Cloud Print app to help with that.

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There was a third-party app with similar functionality before, but this is the Google-owned version. Cloud Print can connect multiple printers to the web and allow you to print from any supported device. The new app ties into the Android sharing menu so you can print documents from almost any source. It also keeps track of all your print jobs in a single handy queue.


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The Cloud Print app is free, but you'll have to set up your printers. Google has some instructions to get you going.

Update: Looks like the app is region-locked. We've mirrored the APK below.

Cloud Print
Cloud Print
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

[Thanks, Julius]