The official Nexus 7 pogo pin dock, which we reviewed earlier this year, closed up shop on the US Play Store for some reason this afternoon. The $30 accessory was rather long-awaited by many Nexus 7 owners, and went on sale on the Play Store in numerous countries, including the US, in March.


It's possible this is just a temporary fluke in the Play Store inventory system, but this page hasn't changed in well over an hour, so we're starting to believe this situation might be permanent. Why, exactly, would Google stop selling the accessory? Well, speculation about a new small Nexus tablet is likely to run wild when this sort of thing happens - discontinuing accessories is often a sign that the product for which they're designed may be getting the axe as well. Or, maybe they were just selling really poorly and Google decided to pull the plug. We obviously can't know, but we'll be watching the rest of the Nexus 7 accessories closely over the coming days and weeks.

The dock is also still available on the Play Store in the UK and Germany, and if you're in the US, Amazon and B&H sell them as well.

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