Verizon, please sit down. We've all come here to talk to you because we care about you. Actually, most of us don't, but we recognize that you've got a problem. You have too many apps. No, don't try to deny it. You've got 11 apps spread across two publishers, and today you've added another one, with a brand new publisher, that duplicates at least some of the functionality of two previous ones. Don't try to hide it in your Services Corp pocket. We see the innocuously-titled Verizon FiOS Mobile app poking out.

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Verizon FiOS Mobile is a new mobile hub for cable content provided in FiOS package deals. It includes remote streaming of live video and video on demand, DVR management, and a remote control - fairly standard stuff. It doesn't exactly look amazing, but Verizon's monochromatic apps never do. It's got the frustrating restriction of only working on your home network, and even then, only if you also use Verizon FiOS internet service. All fairly basic features. If only they weren't covered by other apps already.

The DVR scheduling management is already handled by Verizon My FiOS, which also functions as a cable box remote. Then there's Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote, which... handles DVR scheduling and functions as a cable box remote. So the new app only adds value as a method of watching video. And only in your home. Awesome.


Piling confusion on confusion, the new FiOS Mobile is filed under Verizon Services Corp, a new app publishing name assigned specifically to this app. Why couldn't it go into the existing Verizon Information Technologies LLC, where the rest of the FiOS apps live? For that matter, why not publish it with Verizon Wireless - at least then they'd have an app that some people use. Hell, why not just add streaming to one of the apps you already have?

Come on, Red. Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards finding a solution.

Verizon FiOS Mobile
Verizon FiOS Mobile