Google has just rolled out some new shipping options on device orders from Google Play, and they could save you a little cash if you don't need your order right this second. The new shipping methods can be selected during checkout, but not all orders are eligible for the cheapest option.


The old two-day shipping is still alive and well, costing a whopping $13.99 for devices and $11.99 for accessories. The Ground tier is available on all orders and should reach you in 3-5 business days. Ground shipping costs $9.99 for devices and $7.99 for accessories. Saver is an odd one. It's restricted based on weight, which basically means only accessories are eligible for this super-cheap 5-10 business day shipping. This only costs $4.99, though.


Keep in mind it may still take 2 business days to process and get your order out the door. The shipping time does not include that.

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