I have a confession to make: most of the programs you might want to run on this emulator were written before I was born. But if you're the kind of seasoned geek who really did watch the original Star Wars in theaters (and watched it in Europe), you might just remember having an Amstrad brand computer in your basement. Developer Kokak (who we've featured before) has released Droid-CPC, a full emulator for the Amstrad line of PCs. If you've got program files, the emulator should be able to run them on most Android hardware.

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Droid-CPC is particularly tuned for games, with a virtual keyboard and joystick, support for customized external gamepads, and an engine that should keep frame rates high (but not too high). The game Sorcery+ is included with the app, but you'll need to supply your own files and place them in the "/sdcard/Kokak/droidcpc/Disks" directory for other games. Launching games and changing options isn't as easy as using some emulators, but anyone who remembers the days before GUIs became the standard should be able to navigate the interface just fine.

Other options include Mode 2 support, digital and analog virtual controls, and output in both full screen and original aspect ratio. Droid-CPC is a reasonable $2.36 USD, and compatible with Android 2.3 and later. Be sure to read the app description for detailed instructions on how to get your games running, and the developer also has a few suggestions on where to find working game disk images.

Developer: Kokak
Price: $2.36