Amazon has already made it obsolete to leave the house to shop for most non-food items, but now it's taking care of your grocery needs – if you live in LA or Seattle. AmazonFresh launched in Seattle a few months ago as a way for users to order a variety of fresh food items for home delivery. The expansion of the service to LA is the first new market that has been added.

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AmazonFresh sells both packaged and locally-produced foods. In addition to grub, AmazonFresh has an assortment of general products like cameras, books, tools, and more – about 500,000 items. Whatever you order will be shipped over at a time of your choosing the same day. 

Along with the new market, Amazon has updated the AmazonFresh Android app with that it claims is a "new look and feel." It doesn't look very different to me, but some older screens are embedded below for comparison. It actually looks fairly out-dated even now. Even if the app isn't great, the service looks very handy.

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The app was not found in the store. :-(