Go Launcher EX is one of the most popular alternative launchers in Google Play, and it's completely free. Everyone has been wondering how the Go Team was planning to make some cash on their rousing success, and now we know. The new GO Launcher Prime app adds additional features to the existing Go Launcher for $5.99.

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GO Launcher Prime is a key that unlocks more features in the free app, so both must be installed. There are a few useful things included in the Prime version currently, but more are promised later. Here's the feature list as it currently stands:

  • Option to block ads from GO Launcher
  • Two finger gesture options
    • Swipe up
    • Rotate CCW
    • Rotate CW
  • 4 more kinds transition animaiton [sic]
    • Crossfade
    • Flyin
    • Cards
    • Curve

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Future updates will reportedly bring full-screen folders, scene modes, more home screen panels / docks, an app locker, and more transition animations. The price has also been reduced for launch, but the Go Team seems a bit confused by the math:

PS. Now the price is 60% off and would be raised to $9.99 while all features completed.

The app is actually 40% off the eventual price right now, which is still a pretty good deal. I'll grant the problem might be less about math and more about language. At any rate, if you're a user of Go Launcher, it might be worth grabbing the Prime key while it's cheap.

GO Launcher Prime (Remove Ads)
GO Launcher Prime (Remove Ads)
Developer: GOMO Live
Price: $4.49