Planning a trip? If you're going to fly JetBlue, your experience will be a little bit better thanks to the new Android app update. Version 2 is live in the Play Store and it includes a few useful changes, among them virtual boarding passes (finally).

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The UI update isn't a dramatic shift, but it cleans up a few bits of design around the booking and flight tracking interfaces. The headlining update is obviously the virtual boarding passes. You won't need to worry about printing out paper passes – just pull up the barcode on your phone. Although, if your phone goes missing you're going to be in a completely new world of pain. Here's the full changelog:

  • That's right! Mobile Boarding Passes are now available on the JetBlue app for Android.
  • Improved weather information with forecasts and more.
  • Updated Destination Guide to enhance your travel experience.
  • Added a new feature called Timetables to view the schedules for JetBlue flights from each airport.
  • Improved Booking experience with various UI enhancements and updates to design.
  • No animals were harmed in the making of this app, however we did squash quite a few bugs.

Presumably that last item is a joke. Despite not being a Holo app, JetBlue looks pretty nice. It's also very responsive, so have a look the next time you're taking to the skies.