If your love for Android (or at least its little green mascot) is so profound that you feel the need to collect every possible piece of memorabilia, then we've got a great deal for you. ThinkGeek has been making official Android plushies for a while now, but they've been consistently sold out on the website. An Amazon retailer is selling them for the low, low price of one buck. If you can spare another $5.99 for shipping, this little guy is all yours.


On ThinkGeek it goes for $9.99, if it's ever in stock. It's even more expensive elsewhere, like Sears.com, where it goes for $15. It's safe to say that you're not going to find any better deal on this plushie. If you want more than one, the savings on shipping start to add up: buy two, and you get 'em both for $1.98 plus $9.49 shipping. Three are $2.97 plus $12.99. Five is $4.95 plus $19.99 shipping, and so on. I'm not suggesting you make a tiny army of adorable green robots, but you could. If you wanted to. Hypothetically. (Or maybe you're a normal person, and you just want to get another for your dad.)

If you want one you may want to hurry. They're sure to go fast, and the price may be adjusted if the merchant sees a quick spike in demand. Happy hunting.

Amazon - ThinkGeek Android Plushie

via FatWallet